White Flag

It’s clean and ironed and very pretty to look at.  So pretty in fact, I don’t even feel (too) bad holding it up: My white flag.

I openly admit it, I’ve surrendered. I’ve eventually given in to the idea of web-logging, although I’ve never been patient enough to keep a diary for longer than half a week and I’m generally suspicious when it comes to all web-related matters. For what it’s worth, I’d be perfectly fine mailing letters all pen-paper-stamp-mailbox-style. However, the writing all pen-notepad-style has caused me not only a headache but also a dogged case of writer’s block.  So instead of jumping into the deep blue ocean for the sake a dramatic finish (as writer’s love to finish dramatically),  I’m throwing my concerns overboard. May they sleep with the fish.

The idea is to motivate (okay, honestly: pressure) myself into writing when I know there’s a slight chance for someone other than myself actually reading it. Let’s see if this will work out or if the Blog Stats will make me reconsider my dramatic finish in the ocean after all.


One response

  1. Well, I start commenting now. So be prepared for unsparing criticism: you did not work on your Blogroll!!! My, my, my… I cannot believe it. I think we need to have a serious talk tonight, little lady.

    Enough of that. Just kidding. I absolutely love your blog except… no, I will come to that in a later comment. For now let me tell you. You have gained one new follower or reader who is willing to comment you into Nirvana and farther. Starting right now! But before I can really spread my charming presence over your weblog I have to go to university and study some french. That means: So long Archie! A bientôt and read you soon.

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