Thank you. Thank you very much.

I’ve seen it. You’ve all seen it: someone wins the Oscar, tumbles upstage in bliss and is so overwhelmed by the moment that their acceptance speech goes on for-ev-er. And because the people backstage have seen it, too, and because they’re clever little girls and boys, they’ve come up with a semi-polite way to shut up the winner before the entire audience falls asleep – the (in)famous get-your-overpaid-butt-off-stage-now-will-ya-melody!

It’s effective and quite catchy, too. Its recognition value approximately equals that of the ice cream truck melody. The only difference: while one has kids (and one or two adults who still feel young at heart…and me) running out onto the street as if they were chased by a group of armed Alcatraz escapees, the other one has people blinking, kind of confused, and, reluctantly withdrawing from stage.

Now, you may ask yourself: what’s that got to do with the price of eggs in China (or any other country of your individual choice)?

The answer: well, guess what? That ain’t not happening to me tonight, folks! I can take as much time (and space) as I want to thank all the people I’ve ever met (I can even tell you silly anecdotes about them if I really want to) in order to celebrate that I’ve been – drumroll – freshly pressed!

However, because I know how annoying that might be, I won’t. I’m just saying I could. Just. Saying. What I really want to do, though, is share the two emotional stages I just went through, due to the special occasion.

Stage I: Doubt.

At first, I couldn’t even believe someone had picked my post! I refreshed my wordpress every other minute like a maniac to see whether my post would actually pop up among all those wonderful freshly pressed entries. I pondered the odds and must have looked kind of like this…

Me, still in doubt.


Stage II: Exitement.

When I finally realized I hadn’t just made everything up in my head (which wouldn’t have been that unlikely), I was thrilled through the roof. I still am. So right now, I must look somewhat like this…


Me, truly excited.
Photo credit for both pictures: CB – you know who you are!


No, sorry, I’m not quite done yet – just real quick:

Stage III: Thank you!

Thank you guys, for all the nice words, the likes, the follows! I’m a happy blogger today. Also, thanks Mom, for carrying me around for 8 months and all those hours of labour. Of course, you deserve to be mentioned here as well! That’s all for now. I’m out. Good night, kids.

2 responses

  1. Well aren’t you just 11 types of lovely! Enjoy the spotlight. And thanks for sharing 😉

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed me sharing my bipolar fit. I’m generally always happy to share anything – cause sharing means caring, right? 😉

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