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Let’s build an arch, shall we?

Inspired by the weather and today’s Daily Prompt.

Pt I: the status quo (aka: is it time to build an arch yet?)

Jack’s been occupying my iPod for about two weeks now. For some reason, his lyrics and his ukulele are the only things that keep my spirits (relatively) high as I constantly keep my head as low as possible, trying to duck out of the rain and into the hood of my rain jacket.

The entire May’s been a huge fraud in terms of the weather. If you ask me, this year’s May wouldn’t even pass for a third-rate April any other year – but of course, no one asks me; in the end, I just have to put up with it and mutter to myself in discontent.

In a crazy attempt to be less cynical and more optimistic in general, I’ve also been trying to adopt Jack’s attitude: The world has its ways to quite us down, the world has its ways, to quiet us down comes the rain, down comes our spirits again; but down comes the strength, to lift us up and then… Sounds good, doesn’t it? Naturally, in theory this is much easier than in practice.


Pt II – a very short short story, (kind of) based on real events, I swear! (aka it’s definitely time to build an arch now, jeez …)

Are you gonna dress up? She asked; I think, it’s too cold. I thought about it for a second, imagining myself wedged into a way too tight black dress, freezing my ass off, and my spirits made a loud clattering noise as they hit the floor. I probably won’t, I said.

Not only had winter apparently decided to stop by for a surprise visit in late May, the entire afternoon had been nothing but a blurry drizzle – although a look into the sky did promise a change in weather soon: it looked like the evening might well end in a sudden downpour, followed by thunder and lightning. It was definitely the best time for an outside activity (especially, when it’s not suitable to show up in your hiking gear but to make matters worse, you’re supposed to look nice).

We met at the foot of the bridge; both bundled up in (roughly estimated) fifty layers of clothing, each armed with an additional raincoat and umbrella. We might have looked like the Morton Salt twins – if we’d been more chipper.

when it rains, it pours - damn right, it does, Morton Salt Girl!

when it rains, it pours – damn right, it does, Morton Salt Girl!

We made our way to the rest of the group: they’d already sat down at one of the tables that were set out under a huge gazebo-like tent. We ordered two glasses of beer and two huge entrees (vegetarian, because I am and, thankfully she’s great and doesn’t mind) – might as well treat ourselves, we thought.

Just like most of the restaurants of the area, they brought half the things we ordered sprinkled with diced, fried bacon on top (or a similar extra-vegetarian treat). The beer was good, though, so we ordered a second round, hoping the rain would eventually stop.

It never did, of course.


Pt III – some pictures instead of more words (aka I’m gonna shut up about the rain now, promise).


Cherish the moment – on German-American relations. Or something.

The past two weeks haven’t been much different from most of my weeks this year.

There have been many good things: I spent time with a lot of great human beings, I listened to some good music, ate delicious food, I sat in the sun – I even had time to read one or two inspiring lines most days.

Of course, there have been a couple bad things as well: a heart attack, miscommunication and arguing, the usual fight with ghosts (sometimes they just surprise you with their great left hook), every-day trifles that stress you out like the water heater leaking all of a sudden.

Life is what it is: a mix of good and bad moments – dark and light, like a marble cake (and who doesn’t love a nice piece of marble cake? Who doesn’t love cake, really? That’s what I thought). So I’ve decided to cherish all the moments. Moments like these, for example …

Deep, I know. I didn’t come up with this myself, obviously; it was one of the inspiring lines I’ve read lately. Here’s the entire quote:

Cherish all your moments.

Embrace the beauty and

The importance of each one.”

~ Melody Beattie


I’ve decided to make this my philosophy (as much as possible) – which brings me to one very important, very cherishable moment in terms of German-American relations, at least for me. Don’t be afraid: I’m not talking politics. I’m talking – who’d have thought – sports (yes, I’m a sports fan, who knew, right?).

It’s NFL draft season and I’m proud to report the Indianapolis Colts drafted a fellow countryman of mine: Björn (you know it’s German when there’s an umlaut) Werner (my last name too! Maybe we’re even related!?).  That means now there are TWO Germans on the NFL (the other one being the Patriots’ Sebastian Vollmer, of course) and I am SO EXCITED (that’s right, capital-letter-excited!).

Ok, he's not that photogenic.

Ok, he’s not that photogenic.

Hold your horses, though, and don’t get out the case of (German) beer and party hats just yet – there’s more news. German-American baseball player Donald Lutz (who’s already on the German national baseball team … yes, there is such a thing) made his MLB debut with the Cincinnati Reds last week – and he isn’t doing too badly. Okay, now get out the Augustiner, folks.

Cheers and Prost!

Cheers and Prost!

Of course, you may ask yourself: why is this German chick so excited about all of this? Well, it’s very simple: I’d prefer a football/baseball game over a soccer match any day. Because even a boring football/baseball game is more exciting than most of the soccer matches I’ve seen lately. Besides, the outfits are better, too.

More to the point, though: there’s a lot of diving and whining and blaming the referee for everything that went wrong for your team in the end (although that may be a problem with all kinds of sports). To be fair: I’m talking German soccer. UK soccer, for example, is still a different thing – but that’s not going to change my mind, either.

So that’s that. Call me crazy or call me maybe, I don’t care. I’m just going to cherish this moment – I’ll enjoy the baseball season while it lasts and I can’t wait for the football season to start. I’m so excited, I’ll even care a minute which one of the German soccer teams is going win the Champions League in a couple of weeks (Go, Dortmund!).  

Hell yeah.

That’s new.

Okay. I know it, you know it – we ALL know it: I haven’t been a good blogger lately. Actually, I haven’t been a blogger at all, and I am sorry. Of course, I didn’t mean to. As always. Blah.

I didn’t really have time to write (at least, not in the way I want to have time when I sit down to share a story or an idea). Yet, this doesn’t mean I didn’t have time to think; think about stories or ideas I’d like to share. That being said: Enter new form of expression (that is, new to this blogger) – photography!

It’s not entirely new terrain but I haven’t really taken anything beyond snapshots in quite a while. Not having as much time to write, though, I’ve come to appreciate its quality to capture a moment on the go (which is handy while you’re on the go yourself) while still holding a certain poetic beauty (if you know what you’re doing).

So without further ado, here are a couple of moments I couldn’t put into writing but I want to share nonetheless.

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