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the Ties that Bind…

There are some odd couples in the history of human relationships: Harold & Maude, Kurt & Courtney, Milli & Vanilli, Chico & Groucho & Harpo (although they’re actually a triple, of course) – the list is endless, really. And not only do they seem odd but at odds, completely and thoroughly. Still, there are some magical, supposedly pink-sugar-iced ties holding them together. I’m guessing they’re pink-sugar-iced, they must be sticky at least. What else would keep them from falling apart? Common interests, common values, common aspirations, a common sense of humour maybe? It’s not common sense, that’s for sure.

Ok, I’m not opening a new frontier here, I could probably do some tie-research in century (or millenium) old literature. But even then, I wouldn’t find the answer – there’s no consensus. It wouldn’t be of any help, because I really want the answer or at least, something that comes close. First, because a writer (even if it’s just blog-writing) always needs the answer. Second, because I’ve been picking and pulling at my very own ties lately. They’ve started to itch.  So I’ve been pulling them very close to my smart-looking glasses, trying to examine the material which causes the trouble (Am I allergic? Is it something chronical?). I couldn’t find out.

Your voice dances in my ears, it’s a slow waltz. Your features, they’re painted across my eyes. I’ve collected your fingerprints in my palm: little  pieces of velvet, shimmering poppie seeds. And my heart? (Echos: Silence)

PS: Some oddity to watch and enjoy.

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